Dale’s leadership journey began more than 15 years ago during her graduate studies in human development and performance. As a graduate student, she first cultivated her expertise in developing individual and team leadership talent and ambitions. This continued after graduation, when she opened her own kinesiology business focussing on the psychology of sport, exercise prescription, personal training and teaching.

In 2004, Dale and her husband, Trevor Stevenson, founded ConsciousLead, where she applies her passion and experience in personal leadership, human development and sport psychology to the corporate world. Combined, her education and experiences have led Dale to realize that one of the most critical factors in human development is how we engage the mind.

Through ConsciousLead, Dale and Trevor have worked with over 1,000 leaders to help improve their performance. Dale focuses on an inclusive, brain-based approach to coaching and leadership development. She works with leaders at all levels, believing that individuals each play the greatest role in their own success. As the company’s Chief Executive she is an advisor to the design, coaching and facilitation teams and continues to run ConsciousLead’s successful coaching practice.

Dale continues to study leadership, emotional intelligence and coaching. She inspires individuals to challenge their boundaries, and helps them chart a path to achieving it.

Dale received her Master’s Degree in in Human Kinetics with specializations in Gerontology and Adapted Kinesiology from Lakehead University. She is also certified in the Bar-On Method of Emotional Intelligence Testing. Dale is currently invested in research into neuroleadership, leadership in diversity and cross-generational leadership development.