Trevor Stevenson


Leadership has always been a part of Trevor’s life, which began on a farm where hard work and team effort produced the best results. Since that time, he has led countless individuals in work and play, including travel, silviculture, business, community and sport.

Trevor cultivated his natural leadership instincts during 10 years of global travel. He guided overland trips, deep sea diving adventures, fishing excursions and he has crewed ocean-faring yachts. These varied leadership experiences have led him to the belief that every individual shares the same opportunity to generate positive outcomes in their lives.

In 2004, Trevor and his wife, Dale, founded ConsciousLead. Trevor focuses on neuroleadership coaching programs for individuals, teams and organizations. He is proud of his team’s track record of challenging and supporting leaders in the top levels of public service, health care, education and industry.

Trevor is known for his intense focus and determination blended with creativity and wit. He is a dynamic public speaker, coach and facilitator. In addition to being a world traveler, he is also a poet, an all-around athlete and an inventor. His personal goal is to help governments around the world create sustainable, inspiring organizations that improve lives.