Are you a Game Changer?



It’s so easy to be busy.  Everyone is busy. If you want to change the “I’m (too) busy” game and the stress and overwhelm that comes along for the ride, try these 4 mind-less-full tips:


1. Take breaks so you don’t break.

It’s important to take mindful, rejuvenating breaks, because:


Breaks = Time Savers


This could be 1 minute, 5 minutes, or more. Rejuvenating breaks are ones where you choose to walk away from the task, to feel your body, pay attention to the emotional quality of your thoughts and get in touch with what drives you. This is the type of break that helps replenish both your mental and physical energy. Just a few moments of doing so, will help you complete tasks and feel rejuvenated!


2. Quiet Your Own Distracted Mind

Befriend and embrace boundaries to protect against those who may interrupt you from your vision, including your own distracted mind. Figure out how much uninterrupted time you need and communicate it with kind conviction. Keep aligning to the task and your vision. This is one of the most challenging things to do. I have often wished I could “just say no” to certain things, meetings, people. Now, I’ve changed the game…and it’s so powerful for me and others!


3. Protect Your Time

Please don’t wait for more proof that you need to take care of yourself and that you need to consciously protect your time. When your time feels like it is not your own and your mind is busy chattering, deliberating or stressing, try to call upon something beautiful in your mind. Call on your inner tour guide to see the beautiful: “To your left, notice the beauty of light dancing across the sky at twilight. And to your right, see the misty beams of the sun’s fading brilliance illuminating every crevice and boulder on the mountainside…”


4. Enjoy the Beauty of Completing a Task

I often try to “put my world on pause” in order to savour the beauty I am experiencing in the moment. The beauty of completing a task is savoured as honouring what I said I would do. The break and the moment of reflection after an hour of focussed work is my reward. Learning what was realistic helps me plan the rest of my day.  No guilt. No shame. No blame.


How much time can you save by dissolving your disempowering conversations and your inner chatter about how time poor you are?




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