Practice Humankind””

Human Kind be both


Warmer weather is upon us. It’s the most rejeuvinating time of the year, but it can also be one of the more stressful times. This season is full of deadlines: tying things off at work, parties, bbq’s, travel… This year, aim to make life more enjoyable. Be ridiculously generous with kindness and cautious with your criticism. Practice “humankind.” Be human and be kind.


How to Deal with Conflict at Work and Home


Stress and conflict at work or at home can detract us from our basic humanness and our kindness. Under pressure, our inner world turns to gossip that can be more focused on what is “wrong” versus what is “right.” When you put yourself or others in one of these boxes (wrong, bad, poor performer, etc), you create an image in your mind that blocks you from seeing the basic humanness of yourself or others. You become disconnected. Engagement is impeded, kindness can be short supply and things just don’t get done.

Try this small consciousness experiment:

  1. The next time you feel conflict or stress at work, take a PAUSE.
  2. Instead of seeing the other person in a negative image, listen beyond their words, tone or actions for their true meaning or intention. Listen to understand. What is this person trying to say and why?
  3. Remind yourself to practice kindness in your response.


Let’s try to raise the bar on kindness during periods of stress and conflict. Let’s try to look beyond any negative boxes that limit our true understanding of others.

By reducing stress and resolving conflict your results will soar.





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