Healthy Holiday Tip #4: Pause and Give Thanks

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Gracias. Thank you. Merci. Thanks bro! Grazie. Danke. Toda.


The end of the year is often a time for personal reflection. People spend time thinking about the past 12 months and what they would like to see for themselves in the next 12 months. It is also time to remind ourselves of moments of gratitude and the help we received along the way from friends, family, co-workers, neighbors or even strangers.


Being mindful of what we are thankful for is a practice that should extend past the holiday season. Why? Because gratitude is a beautifully seductive way to nourish our minds and increase our happiness. Practicing gratitude sounds pretty simple but it can be challenging for us to stay away from the negative thoughts that swirl around in our busy, stressed minds. To gain those gratitude-related mental benefits, you have to be prepared to commit to thinking about what’s awesome in your life AND expressing it!


Here are 3 benefits of being grateful and showing it:


1) Builds resilience

When you invest in gratitude practices, your investment pays big dividends. It will help you cope and find strategies to better manage stressful times.


2) Boosts positivity

Expressing gratitude helps you stay focused on the positive, even when times are tough (like some holiday family dinners or year-end deadlines).


3) You get rewards

Those amazing brain chemicals that cheer you on and say “do it again!” get activated. And we’re not just talking about those feel-good chemicals you get from eating the finest chocolate or from having sex. We are talking about the brain’s intrinsic reward centre – we actually feel more connected when we give thanks. This is engagement in action.


Try these tips to bring more gratitude and the benefits of gratitude into your life.


Try this – For the next week, journal once a day about something or someone you are grateful for. Use the Look, Feel, Tell, Enjoy process to deepen the impact.


Look, Feel, Tell and Enjoy

  1. Look: Reflect on how someone has made things easier in your work or home life.
  2. Feel: Choose a way to show your gratitude that lights you up and makes you feel good.
  3. Tell: Let them know!
  4. Enjoy: Let that flood of reward chemicals sink in and feel the joy of giving thanks. Expressing gratitude is a fun and lighthearted way to build relationships and let people know that you care.




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