Raise a Little Hell To Get What You Want

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Most everyone we coach thinks that their experience is different from everyone else’s. And they’re right. There’s no one with the exact same reactions as you. This is your fingerprint. Your snowflake.

That’s also what makes us all the same! We all react to and are stressed by thoughts and situations every day. And when you slow down to think about it, the triggers are often very similar.

“I have too much to do / not enough time. My boss is too demanding. My staff aren’t producing like I need them to. My kids don’t listen. My spouse doesn’t do enough to contribute. I’m too fat / skinny. What’s wrong with these drivers? I look so old / young (ok, nobody says that ;-).”

We’re the same in that we all react, and act, in ways that don’t always bring us more of what we want.

Here’s a Triple A approach that you can do to achieve more of what you want:
AssessWhat exactly am I reacting to? Is it the traffic (metal boxes on a paved surface), the drivers (thousands of people, from every walk of life, none of whom I have, or will ever meet), or the thought that I may be late for work? Once you clear out the awesome story you’ve created around your emotion, you can get more clear on what you’d like to be different.


With greater clarity you can now plan to do things differently to 
achieve what it is that you want more / less of. Less stress or more timeliness… Or all of the above! So how do you plan to do it differently tomorrow? Leave earlier/later? Take a different route?
You can bank on the traffic patterns not being any different 😉

AchieveWhen you do something differently, you’re breaking Einstein’s insanity cycle. So what changed? You altered your pattern, so take a moment to dwell on the outcomes. Was there less traffic, the same, or maybe more? Were your same concerns present and did you react in the same way? Did you achieve what you’d hoped to? If yes, celebrate and
repeat! If not, try something new.Remember my Triple A approach when you’re leading people and want to experience better outcomes and more ease at work. 


Life is an experiment and you get to make up how you engage with it, how you respond to it, and how you carve your own outcomes from it.



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