Shine Like a Star…More Often


There are some days in which we perform better than others. On those days everything seems to come together naturally and our tasks seem effortless. These moments feel fantastic. We light up like a Christmas tree and as we savour these great feelings our joy spreads to the people around us.

At these times, you don’t have to think about how to act, react, or behave. The right methods just seem to flow. We call these moments, Leading from Within. Wouldn’t it be great if we could harness these powers of leading and call upon them at will?


Why does Leading from Within happen and why doesn’t it happen more often?


We all have are own special talents. At ConsciousLead, we call these special talents our Signature Gifts. Signature gifts are those capabilities that come naturally to us and always seem to create great results with relative ease. Leading from within is something we’re all capable of, but have unlearned. Through social conditioning, we have generated our leadership style by focusing on what is going to produce the best results, rather than what is going to produce the best relationships. If results-based leadership works at all, it’s short-lived.


How can I use my Signature Gifts to create sustainable relationship-based results?

4 Ways to Get Your Best Results


1. Focus on what is already working for you. Your brain is wired to either avoid a threat or approach a reward. If your regular leadership style creates a threat response in your body (ouch … cortisol) it doesn’t feel good. During those times that you lead with your signature gifts (mmm…. dopamine…) it feels great. Repeat what feels great.


2. Identify how and why the “great leadership moment” happened. What were the conditions surrounding that moment? What moved you to act in the way that you did? Name what happened so you can replicate it.


3. Reflect on how you felt in that moment and why. What were the values or needs that were being met? Recognizing when things work out well is as important as identifying patterns of emotions and results that aren’t as great.


4. Set an intention for yourself to create more of these moments. Seek out opportunities where you can express your Signature Gifts and continue to recognize and celebrate the feelings and the results. Soon you’ll be leading like this all time and enjoying your role whatever that might be (parent, executive, spouse, board member, public servant, barista, etc…) much more!


5. Try writing your responses to the following exercise every night for a week:

  • What where my Signature Gift moments today
  • How/Why did they occur
  • How did I feel/What need was met
  • Where can I make more of this magic happen tomorrow
  • Re-read what you wrote in the morning and try to remember to do it come what may


When you access more happiness your stress diminishes. For deeper learning on how to recognize and celebrate your signature gifts, join other leaders in the Conscious Leadership Experience: a conscious leadership training course, that will positively change how you manage daily pressures and demands and achieve results with others. We guarantee it!


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