Healthy Holiday Tip #2: Smile – It’s Contagious


Did you know there’s magic in your smile? Smiling can help you find your happy at work and at home, because that simple show of teeth tells your brain to be more happy (thanks to those messenger molecules aka neuropeptides).


The Challenge: Smiling is Contagious and so is Negativity


When (holiday) stress is high, negative thoughts can wipe that smile away. That’s your competition.


Here are 3 tips to get that smile back:


  1. Close your eyes and gently hold your temples while taking a nice, slow inhale for a count of 3. Exhale slowly for a count of 3.
  2. Remember: There is no angry way to say the word “bubbles”.
  3. Smile.


Smiling has amazing benefits: it tells your brain to do a happy dance. It is also contagious and will make your co-workers smile as well. Share it widely and see what it does to productivity.



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