The Pillars of Conscious Communication



To help our clients, ConsciousLead developed the following Pillars of Conscious Communication. Use these tools to transform your relationship with yourself and with others.


Leading – from the inside out (knowing where your internal motivators are coming from)

Lens – perspective shifting (being able to see the limits of your unexamined beliefs which stop you from connecting with your good intentions)

Listening – listen to how you listen (do you listen through your head? Can you hear the drama of blame, shame, guilt, comparison and assessment?)

Love – can you access the empathy and compassion needed to start listening for your needs and the needs of others versus judging or criticizing yourself or others?

Laugh – can you truly be with another whose needs are different from your own and bring a lightness to the differences or the discomfort that may arise?

Language – is your language in the ‘power-over others’ model or sharing ‘power-with others’ model of communication?

Learning – learning happens when your attention is focused on seeing new things and doing something NEW as a result of what you can NOW see. Which leads to the next pillar…

Life Studio – as you change your lens by changing how you listen and by using a new language, you begin to change your thoughts. You move from thoughts of judgment and disconnection to observations that connect you to what is truly going on. Study yourself and see what it does for your productivity, your happiness and your ability to learn from yourself and others.



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