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5 Ways to Find Your Flow this Summer

  Did you hear the news?! The world is reopening! Are you eager to grab your flip-flops, hit the beach, and jump back into the social scene, or are you having a harder time with this transition than expected? Let’s face it, it’s been one helluva year and after working nonstop and not seeing your friends, stepping out from…

Three Ways to Rock Your Work From Home Experience

  What does work from home look like for you? A pile of laundry in view, dog on your lap, business up top, and pajama party down below, am I right?! With more people than ever before calling the place where they rest their head at night “the office,” job happiness is at risk.  From losing your sense of…

Meaningful Rituals to Achieve your Resolutions

When is the last time you started fresh? I mean truly, thoughtfully, found the reset button that’s hidden somewhere deep in the nook of your mind and pressed it firmly with the intention to move forward in a new direction? Maybe you tossed that pack of cigarettes in the trash can, or you purged your fridge of processed foods…

5 Days to Mindful Leadership


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