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Meet Dale Allen

Dale Allen - ConsciousLead coach

Dale brings a mindset of abundance and a passion for deep connections to her life every single day. She believes that everyone has the potential to take control of their lives if they reflect with courage.

She coaches leaders at all levels, using a uniquely empathetic brain-based approach to help her clients embody change…and she will never shy away from a well-timed f-bomb, just to make sure you’re still listening.

Dale has a Master’s Degree in Human Kinetics with specializations in Gerontology and Adapted Kinesiology from Lakehead University. She is also certified in the Bar-On Method of Emotional Intelligence Testing.

And there’s honestly nothing that brings her more joy than a spontaneous dance party, so don’t even try to fight it! 💃🏿

Meet Trevor Stevenson

Trevor Stevenson - ConsciousLead coach

With a sense of adventure as his guide, Trevor brings 100% of his energy to being in the present moment. His unconventional background in long-term world travel, Grateful Dead concerts, and even farming means he holds incredible respect for people’s experiences.

In his coaching, Trevor makes deep and transformational change fun. His clients might do hard emotional and mental work, but there will never be a session without a laugh.

His unique campfire-coach approach to leadership development helps his clients reflect in a safe environment and encourages solutions, especially when the path forward might seem impossible.

(Oh, and if you can catch Trevor with a shirt on, count that as a win!)

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