Group Coaching Calls

You can benefit from our Group Coaching Calls no matter where you’re located or how much you travel.

How do ConsciousLead's group coaching calls work?

Group Coaching Calls include vision setting, action plans, and personal and professional development to ensure that you achieve your leadership goals while also learning a repeatable process that ensures continued success.

ConsciousLead also believes in the power of cohort learning. Technically, a cohort is an affinity group studying a topic together. This cohort is for you and top leaders in your organization and other organizations, to help you deal with real issues that you are facing so that success comes more easily in times of tension or leadership crises. The advantages of this group program are many. Some include:

Lead consciously.

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Frequently Asked Questions

ConsciousLead helps management and senior leaders with conscious communication designed to transform your relationships and results by shifting your individual and organizational communication style.

Coaching for public servants is one of our key offerings. With ConsciousLead’s government training sessions, you will learn how conscious communication transforms your meetings, your team dynamics and results. We can also help you design and fulfill your learning-plan requirements.

Our leadership coaching looks at your beliefs and ways of thinking, which fuel your habits and actions. If you want different results, you’ve got to change your thinking. Conscious communication is designed to move you from stress to solutions.

People don’t live and work in separate spheres. We support you in learning the steps needed to achieve insight and to make choices on work-life balance based on clarified values and desired outcomes.

We can help you get your relationships unstuck and teach you to continuously have productive conversations that matter, so that you experience more peace, ease and joy. How awesome is that?

Our group coaching for women transforms leadership, conversations and confidence.