One on one coaching

ConsciousLead’s 1:1 coaching uses a unique brain-centric approach to leadership. Together, we’ll dig deep, so you can actually implement new cognitive strategies and achieve personal, relationship, and leadership mastery along the way.

Dale and Trevor - ConsciousLead coaches

You’ve got years of experience, and you’ve worked hard to get where you are.

It’s just that, right now, something’s not working the way you’d like, and you’ve come seeking help. That’s the first step to evolving into a great leader. Well done, you! 🎉

You want to build the capacity to think differently, act differently, so you can get (and stay) unstuck.

You wish you could:

  • Get back a sense of control
  • Transcend stress and confusion
  • Meet exhaustion with renewed motivation
  • Ignite your personal growth
  • Motivate higher performance
  • Use intention to inspire
  • Bring more authenticity to your team

But, let’s be honest: At this point, you’re at the end of your tether, and you’re just not sure you can make it work.

You are prepared to make real change in your life and with your team.

You just need the guidance and strategies to finally make it happen.

ConsciousLead one-on-one coaching offers personalized guidance for leaders like you to achieve truly effective, life-changing conscious leadership.

Meet your coaches: Dale & Trevor

Live your story - Dale and Trevor

Hi! 👋 We’re Dale and Trevor, your ConsciousLead coaches.

In 2004 we were young and vibrant, ready to change the world. And so we did. Our business thrived and sparked change for leaders across all industries, and we were thrilled!

Then home ownership, kids, economic downturn…stress!

But we didn’t quit. We honed our skills and doubled down on our commitment to change lives, starting with our own.

The coaching approach we developed is a direct result of the life experiences we have had. Like you, we were overwhelmed and sought strategies to get back control over our lives — to be our best, and do our best in the world.

Now, almost 20 years later, we’ve got those solutions down-pat, and we absolutely love sharing them with leaders who are ready to do the introspective work to get life-altering results.

Our one-on-one coaching sessions are not lectures. They’re conversations with purpose. After an hour (or 4!) with one of us, you will walk away luminous with strategies, tools, and practices to make real, sustainable change in your life and business.