The Conscious Equity Program

Leaders must create their own vision for what true equity looks like in their workplace and community.


March 1, 2022

The world is now a fishbowl. People’s thoughts, feelings, beliefs and biases are on display and they bring them to work, good or bad.

Leaders like you stand as proof that the cries for justice from around the world have been heard. Leaders need to be willing to look deep inside at their unconscious thoughts and biases while helping others to do the same.

We all need new skills of self-observation and communication to ensure that we relate with others in harmony, creating a culture of justice for all.

The global yearning for equality is pressing.

We start March 1, 2022!


Conscious Equity Program

The CEP is a 48-hour certificate program, that you complete over 6-months, in the principles of conscious equity for the creation of social justice. As global citizens we have a responsibility to one another to take a firm stand against racism, ageism, genderism and other hurtful “isms” that continue to suppress people, invalidate their existence, and obstruct us on our journey toward a more just and inclusive society. Develop the consciousness and skill sets necessary to transform the culture of their workplaces and communities into one of harmony and justice for all.


Together we will help you:

  • Meet burnout with renewed motivation
  • Approach any resistance or indifference with compassion
  • Understand the root causes of discrimination and hurtful behaviour
  • Create your credo for being a change-maker in social justice in your team and community
  • Evolve your personal growth
  • Guide and support individuals in creating healthy and balanced environments, free from discrimination
  • Adjust your relationship to power and power imbalances in your team
  • Make homes, boardrooms and public spaces safer, more cooperative environments that all can enjoy.


What’s Included

  • Preparation exercises to set the groundwork and establish baseline for the program
  • 1-1 discovery coaching session to establish your vision for social justice
  • A guided application project to embody practices and solidify learning
  • 6-months of virtual training delivered as interactive sessions
  • 1-1 post-program coaching session to acknowledge growth and establish next steps
  • 4-months of ongoing Group coaching
  • 5-months of coaching with your Practice Partner


What’s In It For You


Self-coaching practices to cultivate compassion and belonging

Brain-based Practices

Tools to remove discrimination/ “othering”/ bias/us and them

Empathic Communication

4-step process for empathic listening, speaking and thinking

Equity-based Leadership Philosophy

4 guiding principles to lead in Equity, diversity, Inclusion, Justice for all (to guide your life and your program)


Methods to turn “misses” (mistakes, misunderstandings, misinterpretations, miscommunication) into growth


How Can We Really Dismantle The Systems That We’re Speaking Out Against?

It starts with us. By placing you in control of your thoughts, we are able to dismantle the destructive and problematic patterns of communication that harm both the individual and the collective.

It’s by way of accessing our consciousness that we gain insight into our thoughts, biases and triggers, and better connect with people whose thoughts, sensitivities and life experiences are different from our own.

We are more motivated than ever before to teach spirited community leaders, like you, how to enact positive change in the places over which they have control and influence. Our goal is to assist you in being the very best version of yourself so that you may, in turn, influence those around you to do better and be better global citizens.

Join us and recreate your slice of the world as a space for all people to be heard, understood and safe to be themselves.

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March 1: 9am-12pm EST
April 5, 6, 7, 12, 13, 14, & 21: 9am-12 pm EST

Your Investment in Leadership Bliss: $8,460
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ConsciousLead is comprised of a team of leadership strategists that combine the ingredients of coaching, conscious communication, strategy and integrity – with an added dash of fun.

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You come to coaching because you’re looking for improvements and are willing to make a change. With ConsciousLead, it’s not enough to learn and practice new management techniques. We help you understand what’s at the root of your thoughts, reactions and results. With our support, you achieve fundamental shifts that create real, lasting change.

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