Life doesn't have to drain you.

Traffic, the kids, the dishes, the mirror, or that person.
These things don’t have to lead to a shitty day or a shitty week.

This movement is about how you get unstuck.

Looking for a place to be around people who want a more conscious and joyful experience of life?

A place where people filled with choice awareness, wellness, kindness, and FUN! Heck yea!

This is that place.

We’re not denying the challenges, the mistakes or fears. We’re just choosing to experience them differently. Because we can. (Even you. :o))

Step in, as we all move toward a more fulfilling way of experiencing life.

Each Month You Will Receive:

1 / A video from us exploring the month’s focus and what blockages you can shift to step into greater ease.

2/ A set of coaching questions to help you develop awareness and inspiration to practice. Your practice builds your confidence, and confidence enhances your commitment. 

3/ A Practice-Partner. Each month you connect with your partner and bolster each other with support, accountability, celebration.

4/ An all-membership Live Group Coaching session each month hosted by us. Here you will compound your learning and progress.

Here's what a month within the community looks like:

Week One

Monthly Insight Video & Play Sheets

  • Watch your 10~15 minute video
  • Receive your Playsheets & self-coaching questions with approaches and exercises.

Week Two

Practice Time!

With your Practice Partner,  you will go over what’s working, what needs work, and how you’re working it! This is an inspiring, freeing space for the two of you to understand the challenges, and together practice approaches toward connection, wellness and impact. 

As partners you are free to connect more often than once a month!

Week Three

Live Coaching Session

Submit your questions / challenges in advance and we will coach you through the specific challenges you are facing that month. This is your best opportunity to understand from us, your dedicated Conscious Leadership Coaches, what’s at the root of your sticking points, and how you can move beyond it.

Week Four

Review and Apply

It’s time to look back on what you’ve learned and apply those learnings into your life. What’s going well? What needs work? What has shifted for you? What needs are being met?


Choose To:

Show up for what you believe in.

Release your judgements of yourself and others.

Commit to yourself.

Be part of a movement that helps all of us experience more freedom and joy!

Not sure how this will contribute to your life? Let's talk!


“Dale always grounds me in feeling calm and getting really clear on what to do to move forward.”

– Barry D., Manufacturing General Manager, Mississauga, Canada

“Since taking this course, my self-awareness has grown and my communication skills have improved. I now see and value a marked improvement in my relationship with family, friends and colleagues.”

– Mitch Paquette, IM/IT Manager at Employment and Social Development Canada – ESDC

“The tools I acquired through ConsciousLead training have had a positive impact on the way I communicate, my self-awareness, my personal morale, my confidence, and my ability to manage conflict.”

– Kathryn Stevenson, Chief, Analytical Studies, Methodology and Statistical Infrastructure, Statistics Canada