The 6 Ls of Conscious Leadership

Leadership is not linear or one-dimensional. Instead, it is multi-faceted, nuanced, individual and surprisingly complex. Going far beyond the traditional interpretation of leadership as something that is strategic and situational, The Conscious Leadership Experience (CLE) endeavours to awaken your consciousness by connecting your thoughts and intentions to your behaviour. Led by life’s coaches, Dale Allen and Trevor Stevenson of ConsciousLead, the CLE reveals that leading by example is the only way to effectively lead, and this means leading from within.

By adopting this method, you will garner the support you need from your team to create a healthy work environment, keeping them unified and fearless in times of triumph and challenge. You will achieve this by making your unconscious thoughts, speech and actions conscious processes. You will lead others in a way that is compassionate, constructive and courageous.


5 Days to Mindful Leadership


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