The Pro-HumanKIND Guide: The Only Diversity and Inclusion Training Program You and Your Team Will Ever Need

There’s a big, smelly, elephant in the room that’s been sucking up all of the oxygen and we think it’s time to speak to it directly. This elephant attended diversity training but, somehow, still manages to discriminate, make racial slurs and keep everyone walking on eggshells around matters of social justice. All right, enough about the poor elephant. We truly love elephants!

This is not a lesson in anti-isms–racism, genderism, sexism, classism, ageism–and any new ones that may be added to the list. Neither is it about creating new and better labels; those have never been our thing and are, quite frankly, part of the problem. We’re going to get you and your team to the bottom of what’s been wearing us down as a society, holding us back and obstructing our path toward inclusivity and peace.


5 Days to Mindful Leadership


Conscious Equity Info Session