The Silver Bullet

Do you ever feel like a cloud is following you around, tracking your every move, dampening your joy? For many right now, the biggest cloud is COVID-19 and all of the life-altering changes that it has brought along. What may make coping with these changing times even more difficult is the fact that you may have had pre-existing clouds before this one arrived. Whatever your pre-existing cloud, whatever the reason for its dreary persistence, the one thing that is certain is that you would love nothing more than to get out from under it and harness a sense of control in this time of uncertainty.

To make this happen, we’re offering you three effective steps accompanied by reflection questions designed to empower you to part that cloud, escape from its looming shadow, and swap your clunky, inside-out umbrella for a pair of badass shades amidst all of the chaos!


5 Days to Mindful Leadership


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