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Starts September 21st, 2021

The Conscious Equity Program

The CEP is a 48-hour certificate program, that you complete over 6-months, in the principles of conscious equity for the creation of social justice. As global citizens we have a responsibility to one another to take a firm stand against racism, ageism, genderism and other hurtful “isms” that continue to suppress people, invalidate their existence, and obstruct us on our journey toward a more just and inclusive society. Develop the consciousness and skill sets necessary to transform the culture of their workplaces and communities into one of harmony and justice for all.

30+ hour certificate program

The Conscious Leadership Experience

The Conscious Leadership Experience is a powerful and transformative experience designed to make you a better, stronger, more empowered leader. It empowers you with the tools and knowledge to transform your life and the lives of others by way of healthy and effective leadership.


This program is nothing like other leadership courses. Our sessions were really focused on the ‘people’ side of being a leader. ConsciousLead is highly invested in the personal growth of each participant.

Mitch Paquette

IM/IT Manager at Employment and Social Development Canada – ESDC

ConsciousLead teaches and empowers people by giving them the tools needed to work more efficiently with more cooperation and collaboration. Their workshop was a game-changer!

Kathryn Stevenson

Chief, Analytical Studies, Methodology and Statistical Infrastructure, Statistics Canada

I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is interested in learning how to better address day-to-day pressures and stressors. Apply the tools you learn from ConsciousLead and good results will follow.

Shawn Kelso

CPA, CA, Partner, Welch LLP – Chartered Professional Accountants

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