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When you engage in a development process with us, you embark on a journey of raising your consciousness, shifting your communication and experiencing results that are completely new to you. You realize that your only limits are self imposed.

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We help you find solutions to the issues that keep coming up. These issues could be related to leadership, confidence, influence, conflict or relationships.

Our coaches will show you how to approach issues differently and demonstrate how solutions are within your grasp.

This program is nothing like other leadership courses. Our sessions were really focused on the ‘people’ side of being a leader. ConsciousLead is highly invested in the personal growth of each participant.

Mitch Paquette
IM/IT Manager at Employment and Social Development Canada – ESDC

ConsciousLead teaches and empowers people by giving them the tools needed to work more efficiently with more cooperation and collaboration. Their workshop was a game-changer!

Kathryn Stevenson
Chief, Analytical Studies, Methodology and Statistical Infrastructure, Statistics Canada

I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is interested in learning how to better address day-to-day pressures and stressors. Apply the tools you learn from ConsciousLead and good results will follow.

Shawn Kelso
CPA, CA, Partner, Welch LLP – Chartered Professional Accountants

Conscious Leadership Experience

Imagine transforming life’s little hardships into positive energy you can use to thrive as a leader. The Ultimate Leadership Training will help you develop an awareness of how your thoughts and emotions create a blueprint for your leadership behaviour.

Team Coaching

Getting a group of individuals to think both independently and as a strong collective can be a great challenge. Team Coaching with ConsciousLead can help departments, boards, committees, teams, and whole organizations to overcome barriers in communication and cooperation. 

One-on-One Coaching

Our popular One-on-One Coaching stream provides a highly personalized approach to leadership development by tackling specific leadership challenges and providing practical ways to leverage your impact, performance, productivity, communication and engagement. 

Group Coaching Calls

You can benefit from our Group Coaching Calls no matter where you’re located or how much you travel. This coaching includes goal setting, action plans, and competency development to ensure that you achieve your leadership goals while also learning a repeatable process that ensures continued success.

Lead Consciously.

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Frequently Asked Questions

ConsciousLead helps management and senior leaders with conscious communication designed to transform your relationships and results by shifting your individual and organizational communication style.

Coaching for public servants is one of our key offerings. With ConsciousLead’s government training sessions, you will learn how conscious communication transforms your meetings, your team dynamics and results. We can also help you design and fulfill your learning-plan requirements.

Our leadership coaching looks at your beliefs and ways of thinking, which fuel your habits and actions. If you want different results, you’ve got to change your thinking. Conscious communication is designed to move you from stress to solutions.

People don’t live and work in separate spheres. We support you in learning the steps needed to achieve insight and to make choices on work-life balance based on clarified values and desired outcomes.

We can help you get your relationships unstuck and teach you to continuously have productive conversations that matter, so that you experience more peace, ease and joy. How awesome is that?

Our group coaching for women transforms leadership, conversations and confidence.