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Our Client Experience

“Now I’m always looking to deconstruct the issues that are happening all around me. It takes more upfront energy, but creates such flow long term.” ~ Joan R., Tech Executive, Ottawa, Canada

“Performance issues and honest feedback have always been difficult for me as a manager. Now I do it all day, in all areas of my life, and it’s really exciting to see and feel the difference.” ~ Sarah J., Business Owner, Edmonton, Canada

“I thought I was doing all the right things. Turns out I was trying to apply management strategies to human/leadership issues. By learning to be more aware and more connected to what’s most important to me, all of my conversations have changed. It’s so much easier. I feel lighter knowing this way.” ~ Michael G., Government Executive, Ottawa, Canada

“Inspiring.” ~ Tom K., New York, USA

“Intrigued.” ~ Suzanne P., Houston, USA

“I want more!” ~ Daniel H., Gatineau, Canada

About The Conscious Leadership Experience

“I took the program without the coaching option, but quickly invested in it following my Conscious Leadership Experience with ConsciousLead. Life keeps happening and I’ve got a lot of patterns to undo.” ~ Andy C.,CEO, Ottawa, Canada

“I’m introverted and quite private. I was concerned about being vulnerable. Dale and Trevor, thank you for creating such a safe and fun environment to share and learn.” ~ Joan B., Business Owner, Kanata, Canada

“I thought this was a leadership course about how to give feedback, deal with difficult people, conflict resolution, delegation, time management, performance improvement, etc. Now I know what to do to be great at all that, and we didn’t talk about any of it!” ~ Tommy L., Legal Partner, Ottawa, Canada

“My husband and I signed up, wanting to find a better way of working together. We found it!” ~ Tara (and John) K., Business Owners, Orleans, Canada

“As a coach, I’ve done a lot of development work and know about mindset and behaviour change, but nothing has been so useful to my clients as being able to support them in connecting their results back to their thinking.” ~ Jenine S., Self-employed, Toronto, Canada

“As a mediator I deal with conflicts all day long. For decades I’ve helped groups and organizations move forward to a decision. After my Leadership Experience with ConsciousLead I realize this has rarely dealt with the root causes of people’s conflicts. My life’s work is now easier, my clients are happier and I’m dealing with fewer “repeat offenders”.” ~ Bill G., Consultant, Ottawa, Canada

“The sessions I attended with ConsciousLead left me feeling energized and well equipped to address the multiple pressures of supporting a team to consistently deliver high-quality, timely results. The approaches that we learned and practiced are fundamental to maintaining a healthy modus operandi that addresses the needs of staff, colleagues and senior management without burning oneself out. It was a grounding and inspiring three days that brought me back to the basics of human interaction. When not overlooked, these basics help illuminate the way forward in any situation.” ~ Karen B., Manager, Gatineau, Canada

“Sometimes in life we become emotionally invested in being right or showing how our experience is harder than everyone else’s. The reality is we all have a unique journey and the session reminded me that although I may not be able to control events or what someone else says or feels, I can control how I experience them. Learning to understand what my true needs are in emotionally charged situations will enable me to experience my journey in a whole new way, leveraging the insight I have learned about myself which will undoubtedly impact my interactions with others.” ~ Cara W., Sr. Advisor, Ottawa, Canada

“Thank you again, you both radiate an amazing positive energy and I am very thankful to have been able to spend the 3 days with you both.” ~ Janet R., Sr. HR Advisor, Kanata, Canada

“Thank you to you both for all that you do!” ~ Indra C., Aerospace VP, New York, USA

“Dale and Trevor, I appreciate how real you are. Thanks for sharing all your “human” conditions with us. None of us are perfect, and I love knowing that my coaches also have to “work at it”.” ~ Karen W., VP Marketing, Gatineau, Canada

About Team Coaching

“Debunked everything I thought I knew about self-awareness and communication.” ~ Linda L., Telcom Executive, Toronto, Canada

“Shed light on something that is most important in all our lives – conscious communication.” ~ Suzie M., National Sales Manager, Cape Town, South Africa

“If we all learned to understand and work with different behaviour patterns (our own included), our work and family life would be so much easier.” ~ Gerry A., Sr. Manager, Kingston, Jamaica

“I have done so many personality assessments with different teams. Now I don’t need those.” ~ Tricia A., Government Manager, Ottawa, Canada

“I didn’t realize the level at which conflict, stress and power dynamics are linked to every challenge I face. Recognizing that has made everything so much easier. Now I know what to work on with you guys!” ~ William S., Sr. Partner, Ottawa, Canada

“It was absolutely wonderful to be able to connect with you both in person! I am really looking forward to the challenge of not getting pulled into the drama, but I know I will have to stay present in order to do so.” ~ Claire B., VP-HR, San Francisco, USA

About 1:1 Coaching

“With every coaching session I recognize the role I play in all my challenging situations… and I know how to create the change I want.” ~ Sandrine S., Sr. Executive, Gatineau, Canada

“Before each session I would feel frustrated and super busy. Dale always grounds me in feeling calm and getting really clear on what to do to move forward.” ~ Barry D., Manufacturing General Manager, Mississauga, Canada

“Trevor has Jedi mind tricks. He always seems to know the truth of my situation and thinking!” ~ Domenic R., National Manager, Montreal, Canada

“Thank you for opening my mind to a whole new possibility!” ~ Dave L., CEO/Founder, Vancouver, Canada

“I got in touch with Trevor because I was feeling vastly over-committed with projects, and experiencing anxiety and stress in a way I never had before. I struggled to work efficiently because of the stress. By the time I got off the phone an hour later, the stress was gone and I was able to simplify what I had to do in my mind; think through each project so that there were no dark clouds of ambiguity; and get back to being excited for the challenges. I was able to get back to working more efficiently and productively than I had in months. It was exactly what I wanted.” ~ David S., Real Estate Developer, London, UK

“Trevor is an extraordinary coach in many ways. He is the best listener I know, and routinely hears essential things that aren’t even said. His approach is informed by both recent and long-established results in psychology and neuroscience, but everything he does is from the heart. He has an exceptional ability to help people overcome worry, doubt, and conflict, achieve clarity, and attain desired outcomes.” ~ Joel S., General Manager, Tel Aviv, Israel

Want more?

“I was referred to the Conscious Leadership Training by a trusted colleague who assured me that I would really appreciate what was offered. I was told that the program was progressive and innovative, but for some reason I thought it would be similar to other leadership courses where the learning is more focused on high level theoretical concepts. This program is nothing like other leadership courses. Our sessions were really focused on the ‘people’ side of being a leader. I didn’t really have concrete expectations when I joined the group. I just wanted to continue to grow and progress in my career.

The most significant impact ConsciousLead has had on me is that now I am more accepting of other people’s thoughts and actions. I feel that I have a better understanding of the fact that I view the world from my own lens and that my lens is very different from that of others. The world I see is my own singular truth just as with others. Since taking this course, my self-awareness has grown and my communication skills have improved. I now see and value a marked improvement in my relationship with family, friends and colleages.

This experience is perfect for anyone who is receptive to growth, especially those in leadership positions. Older styles of leadership adopted by many often don’t take account other people’s feelings, situation or point of view. For those who are prepared to venture a little outside their comfort zone, this course is right for you.

I am greatful for the experience ConsciousLead has provided me with. The focus on real life and people rather than trying to be too scholarly was a welcome change. Proven concepts based on psychology are often used, while moving away from a position of black and white. This perspective acknowledges the inherent fluidity of all situations. ConsciousLead is highly invested in the personal growth of each participant.”

– Mitch Paquette, IM/IT Manager at Employment and Social Development Canada – ESDC

“I participated in the Conscious Leadership Training with ConsciousLead. The workshop exceeded my expectations and I really couldn’t recommend it more.

A friend had brought this program to my attention as she thought it would help me navigate through some challenging workplace situations. For better or for worse, we are all motivated by different things and prioritize different things. I felt this was impeding the progress we were making at work. I had expressed to her my concerns about a lack of collaboration and my desire to learn how to connect with people who don’t see the world the same way I do. She thought ConsciousLead could help and she was right.

Since I have started to apply the principles I learned from ConsciousLead, I have noticed an enormous improvement in my ability to get results. My approach to initiating collaboration is more efficient. I find that I am no longer wasting time going back and forth. I am much more directly focused on doing what needs to get done.

The tools I acquired through ConsciousLead training have had a positive impact on the way I communicate, my self-awareness, my personal morale, my confidence, and my ability to manage conflict.

I am very happy to recommend this program to others, particularly to those people that need to interact and work with people outside of their immediate team. It is  effective and it really works. ConsciousLead teaches and empowers people by giving them the tools needed to work more efficiently with more cooperation and collaboration. Nurturing personal relationship via collaboration leads to measurably positive outcomes. For me this workshop was a game-changer!

I should add that I have found the ongoing coaching calls I have had with ConsciousLead have been outstanding.”

– Kathryn Stevenson, Chief, Analytical Studies, Methodology and Statistical Infrastructure, Statistics Canada

“I was lucky enough to participate in the Conscious Leadership Training. I feel better and more confident after my time with ConsciousLead. Trevor really took the time to listen to me and he provided some great perspective on dealing with difficult challenges. The perspective I gained from my time with ConsciousLead reminds me of the importance of acting on insight rather than impulse.

The biggest takeaway for me has been the increase in my self-awareness and I feel that self-awareness and a focus on the desired result is the foundation to being successful in our interactions with others. More than ever before, I am focused on what I want to achieve and am working on a plan to get there.

I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is interested in learning how to better address day-to-day pressures and stressors. This program is outstanding for anyone who feels like they’re expending their precious energy, swimming against the current and have reached a point where being all things to all people is just too much. Apply the tools you learn from ConsciousLead and good results will follow.”

– Shawn Kelso, CPA, CA, Partner, Welch LLP – Chartered Professional Accountants

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