Immersive leadership programs

You know there’s gotta be more to leading than stress, tension, and chasing elusive targets and deadlines.

You’re right, there absolutely is.

That’s why we built three powerhouse immersive programs — to guide you on your journey toward clear, calm, and confident leadership.

Each program is uniquely designed to deliver different outcomes.

If you’re looking for strategies to achieve personal leadership mastery, explore the Confident Leadership Program.

If you’re looking for a deep transformation, with a focus on personal and relational mastery, explore the Conscious Leadership Experience.

If you want to create a culture of justice in your workplace and for all, explore the Conscious Equity.

Confident Leadership Program

Confident Leadership Program

This is a powerful and transformative program to help you gain insight into yourself, what lights you up and what shuts you down. You’ll develop an action plan and lifelong practices to promote trust in yourself so you can lead with confidence.

You’ll create goals, develop and nurture habits, and utilize tools that provide the mental resilience to be with life through all the ups and downs.

The Fall session begins with online prep work on September 14, 2022.

Virtual Group sessions: Sept. 28; Oct. 5, 12, 19, 26; Nov. 2, 9  ~ 1pm – 3pm.


  • Increase your capacity to adapt to change

  • Learn how to optimize your energy levels, time use, stress, relationships differences, crises, value/interpersonal conflicts

  • Create new thinking and approaches to move you out of challenges with ease

Conscious Leadership Experience

The Conscious Leadership Experience is designed to help you grow deeply as a leader. You will learn how to leave the status quo behind — for yourself and for others.

You’ll acquire the skills and create a healthy environment around you, even in the face of uncertainty.

The Fall session begins with online prep work on
October 17, 2022.

Virtual Group sessions: Nov. 1,  2,  3,  8,  9,  10,  16 ~ 9am -12 noon.

Conscious Leadership Experience​

21 hours of immersive group coaching sessions and guided materials to help you:

  • Implement wide-scale change in non-harming ways

  • Navigate tough experiences like mental health, diversity and inclusion, and acceptance

  • Empower others towards their own personal mastery

Conscious Equity Program

Conscious Equity

Leaders need to be willing to move beyond Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion programs that just tick the box. You can have a bigger impact by creating spaces that are truly inclusive and equitable.

This 6-week+ intensive program helps you develop the know-how and skills to build a culture of justice for all at your organization or in your community.

The Fall session begins with online prep work on
September 5, 2022.

Virtual Group sessions: Oct. 4, 5, 6, 11, 12, 13, 19 ~ 9am -12 noon.


  • Create a healthy and balanced environment for all to enjoy, free from discrimination

  • Provide psychological and emotional safety for others

  • Adjust your relationship with power and dissipate power imbalances wherever they exist

Want to run any of these programs as a workshop for your whole team?

We can customize each program for half or full-day workshops, depending on your needs.