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ConsciousLead developed the following resources, so you can increase your productivity, free up your time, and communicate in healthy ways. Browse our library below and start using our resources to support your life—at work and at home.

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Our resources help eradicate stress and unhealthy patterns.

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Reframing Exercise

Reframing changes your viewpoint of how a situation is experienced. It allows you to observe the situation inside of another “frame,” in which only the facts are the focus. You can discard assumptions, inferences, and judgments with the goal of increasing the number of options available to respond to the situation. Download our Reframing Exercise and experience these benefits:

  • Brain friendly – stops knee-jerk reactions
  • Observe your patterns and habits of thought
  • Reframe your experience
  • Learn how to tell different stories about situations

Minute Minder

Heighten Your Awareness of How You Spend Your Time

If you’re looking to change your results and outcomes, the most important thing you can do is change where you invest your time. ConsciousLead’s Minute Minder Google spreadsheet heightens your awareness of where you invest your time and  will support you in using your time more consciously. Use it to see how your day breaks down. Track your time for a week, then review how your time is being spent and act on the insights it creates.

Achieve Goals through Conflict Evolution Worksheet

If you truly want to create meaningful change for yourself, you need to know which conflicts are getting in the way, and how to evolve beyond them. These 3 easy steps and this worksheet will help you reach your goals and make this year and this life, even more fulfilling!


Download the Achieve Goals through Conflict Evolution Worksheet by filling in the form to the right. It will support you in making your goals meaningful and remove the conflict that can take you away from achieving your goals.

How to Repair and Recover After a Mistake

How you recover and repair from mistakes, misinterpretations and misunderstandings is one of the most powerful things our clients and their team’s experience. That’s why we wanted you to have a tool that could help you and your team understand and work through the process of bouncing back.

  • Remove the feelings of shame, blame and guilt.
  • Reduce the emotional and performance costs of how mistakes are handled.
  • Bounce back, feel confident and get back into action, quicker

Download the How to Repair and Recover after a Mistake worksheet.

Overcome Resistance to Maximize Engagement and Well-being

Have you noticed that when you try to push back against someone’s resistance, you often make it stronger? And this creates a cycle of fear and reluctance that hinders your ability to help team members perform well.

You can use this awareness tool to:

  • Have conversations that minimize the threat response (fear and resistance)
  • Understand your and others’ reactions better
  • Help people stay open, motivated and feel safe
  • Improve creative collaboration

Download the PRISE MODEL Infographic here.

P.R.I.S.E. Model for Effective Communication, Performance, Innovation and Engagement

We created the PRISE Model Questionnaire to guide you to:

  • Minimize threats in your interactions
  • Reduce the likelihood, magnitude and instance of people’s reactions
  • Become aware of situations that may impair performance
  • Understand your reactions better
  • Increase your capacity to make decisions, solve problems and invite people to collaborate with you
  • Help to motivate and engage yourself and others

Download the PRISE MODEL Questionnaire here.

4 Corner Breathing Exercise

When you are feeling stressed, anxious or nervous; if you are in the midst of a tense moment, you want to get back into balance.

In as little as 1 minute, this 4 Corner Breathing Exercise will help you feel calm and access the clarity you need to feel more satisfied and serene as you navigate your busy day.

Use it anytime, anywhere.


Download the Beginner Breathing Square  here.

Conscious Communication creates Emotional Well-being

Did you know that your communication (thinking and speaking) impacts mental health?

Conscious Communication skills allow you to learn important life skills. You create the habit of connecting, interacting, expressing and receiving messages even when things are challenging, in a way that creates an environment where people:

  • feel safe to have these natural ups and downs
  • know how to communicate in ways that keeps them moving forward
  • understand about dynamics between people and how to navigate these dynamics in healthy ways
  • learn how to dissolve destructive emotions for themselves and with others

Download the infographic here.

5 Ways to Recognize & Celebrate

We can’t motivate others. We can create an environment that is motivating for others.

When your work life is busy both stress and tension can rise.  It can be easy to get caught up in the day-to-day noise of how busy you are: deadlines, meetings, and endless emails, bringing the opportunity for conflicts and power struggles to rise with it.

It’s always important to take the time to celebrate efforts as well as milestones. Appreciating even the smallest details can do wonders for morale and engagement, at work and at home.

Download the postcard here.

Are you Underperforming?

The answer is yes.

The truth is we are all under-performing. Whether you choose to call it “under-performing”  or “endless untapped potential”, the reality is, we all have a next level, either known or unknown to us.

When you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten. But what do you do when you want something new, and don’t know what needs to change?

Download the  4 Steps to Improving Performance poster here.

Creating a Shared Vision

Vision taps into meaningful standards of working together that people care deeply about.  All of this requires input from the whole team, so that everyone sees themselves in the vision.

It’s always important to take the time to celebrate efforts as well as milestones. Appreciating even the smallest details can do wonders for morale and engagement, at work and at home.

Download the postcard here.

The A.S.K. Principle for More Effective Performance Reviews

We coach people (managers and employees) to understand what the Role or the position that you are in really needs to be successful — no matter who is in that role. This can be especially effective during performance reviews.

Would you like to minimize the stress, fear and discomfort that comes with providing Performance Reviews?

Download this handy PDF poster for the first 3 steps to create a more effective performance review.

Turn Performance Feedback into a Learning Conversation

A learning conversation does not assume that anything is wrong with the other person. What it does imply is that there are gifts and skills they can learn to make their life more easeful, productive and satisfying. In a learning conversation, you help people:

1. take full, healthy responsibility for their (work) life
2. make commitments and goals tied to their future
3. practice these commitments and goals

Download this handy PDF worksheet on how to create a learning conversation.

How to Recognize Fear and Create Movement in your Organization

What if you could recognize fears as they occur, and learn how to address them in yourself and others? Wouldn’t that free up a lot of energy? We could experience more ease as we grow.

Organizations and teams follow predictable patterns of behaviour because they are made up of people acting out a story.  And stories have a pattern.

Download this PDF for how to recognize and transform fears that prevent growth.

Dealing with Difficult People and Situations

Using the Transformational Power of Conscious Communication to Elevate Your Impact

Conflict is inevitable, but it’s how you react to it that makes a difference. This ebook shows how you can get through to people when:

  • You are at an impasse 
  • You are facing a point of view with which you disagree

Rethinking Time Management

Making Better Use of Your Time and Using Your Time More Consciously

In this ebook, ConsciousLead introduces you to a new perspective on time that encourages you to look at the costs of our “always-on” addiction.

  • You’ll learn how to change the speed and nature of your thoughts so you become more present, and
  • Use 3 conscious communication strategies to help reclaim your time

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